Workshops & Events

Looking forward to hosting new range of workshops & events once COVID regulations permit us to open our doors again!

On the COVID backburner ......

Produce@Wannon Sourdough will be running an 'Introduction to Artisan Baking' workshop. This will provide an opportunity to learn about sourdough starters & the processes for long & short fermentation that are crucial to making bread sourdough bread with a fun & tasty format. Watch this space for more details.

The 'Listen & Chat Session' with self-professed cactus nut, Stefan Burger was a great success back in July. As soon as COVID permits we will run something similar with another passionate & informed local.

Countrylegal are planning to run an information session with a view to regular visits offering expert legal advice

Judy Nichols will be running a Freelancers Workshop 

Nature Glenelg Trust will return to deliver a series of Bird Watching Workshops, now pushed back to February 2021

If you would like any more information or would like to be notified about any of these events, please get in touch